A Platform for Remote Senior Care.

Monitor all your patients at a glance

With NOUV platform, you can monitor all of your patients at a glance. You can of course also monitor details of each patient by just clicking on them. In the case of an emergency, NOUV will detect it before you do.

Simple Workflow

NOUV will prioritize your patients by urgency. Take care of cases from just the top of your screen.

Easy-to-Read Reports

NOUV Guardian Dashboard has a user friendly interface. You can monitor all of your patients' status at a glance.

Add Health Care Device

NOUV Robots monitor your patients with wearable devices.

What are the goals of care providers? More patients, better service, lower costs. NOUV provides more patients with remote monitoring, better service through data analysis, and lower costs through digitization.

NOUV will be your reliable partner and help.

NOUV Components

One for the seniors,

one for yourself and one for all.

AI Robots and Apps

Whether it be Robots or Apps, you will get all the features
that NOUV provides.


Simply download our apps and install on your smartphone. Available on both iOS / Android

  • NOUV Friends - for Seniors
  • NOUV Guardian - for Individual Personal Users     

  • NOUV Care Guardian - for Organization


NOUV uses a dashboard to show specific detailed information about NOUV usage per senior.

  • PERS* Service

  • Sleep Monitor

  • Glucose Monitor

  • Smart Reporting

  • Mood Assessment

  • Blood Pressure Monitor


From API Integrations

to Powerful Analytics - NOUV has it all.

Link health care devices with NOUV.
Health information collected via various devices can be viewed conveniently.


People are aging
Our hands are short

The senior years should truly be the golden years. Bur for too many of our elders, these golden years have been tarnished by improper care, neglect, and outright abuse.

Sandra Hackett
Legal News & Analysis
April 01, 2022

An untapped market for digital health innovation exists among seniors
hoping to age in place.

Jordan Anderson
Senior News
Dec 20, 2021

Anytime you are connecting with a current or prospective resident, using a NOUV. It will provide several life solutions and tips for your wellness life.

Norah Parker
Feb 15, 2020

Entire monitoring of patients within one platform helps health providers to keep checking their patients's health conditions and status.

Sara Johnson
Jan 15, 2020