A smart Care Robot System

This is a Smart Care Robot for elderly and person in a risk of dementia, which provides various services and functions to prevent dementia. TOMY is able to exercise cognitive training through a number of contents for improving brainpower. Also, This robot has functions of “emergency call service” and “Personal alarm service” for older adults.

Tomy 1 – A personal type cognitive training system

Tomy 2 – A Personal Type Cognitive Training System

Main Functions

Cognitive Training Contents
– 10 kinds of robot games +10 kinds of interactive block utilization games.
– Joint development with domestic neurologist

Personalized cognitive

training services

– Can be used at home
– Through a Big data, one-on-one personalized
services for cognitive training is available.
– Cognitive training games for preventing dementia.

Care Services

– A lot of personal alarm services
– Interaction activities between human and robot
– Medications support alert

Emergency Call Services

– An activity monitoring function for elderly
– Emergency phone call, such as 911, 211, registered
family or friend.

Demonstration in the Dementia festival


Specification of Tony