Ice Ball Carving with socializing Robot system

We cannot enjoy whiskey or cocktail without cold ice. “Clattering”of ice dropping sound in the glass makes our heart palpitate. However, you may have experiences that the ice melts down so easily. Did you know that the round shape ice ball melts down much slower than the angular one? You can enjoy conversation with Amy, drinking Amy’s cocktails.

A Personal socializing Robot System

Main sequence

Shall we find out the ice carving sequence briefly?

It holds the square ice tightly.

Starts to rolling and carving it, then ~~

round shape ice ball

Main Characteristics

Let’s find out main characteristics of Amy.

Tool part of 3 degrees of freedom (eyebrow, eye, eyelid)

LED mouth (various emotions can be expressed)

Neck with 2 degrees of freedom

LED for Indicator

Arm with 6 degrees of freedom

Gripper(ice grapping / omnidirectional rotation)

LED for the lighting of ice ball

Cutter for ice carving

Waist with 1 degree of freedom


Draining box

Integrated control system


Specification of Amy